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Second Sunday before Advent 2013

2nd Sunday before Advent 2013

People seem to have a natural curiosity about knowing what the future holds. Perhaps this is why there are so many horoscopes published in newspapers, magazines, and online. The prediction market is big business.
Horoscope predictions tend to focus on positive futures, with downbeat forecasts and bad news a rarity. Their writers clearly have a sense of self-preservation, seeking to maintain their readership by offering good times to come.

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Remembrance Sunday 10th Nov. 2013

Remembrance Sunday 2013

Several years ago, whilst on holiday, having visited a wonderful castle, we liked castles, Matthew, who was then probably about 7, said, “Those knights we heard about today are historic, aren’t they?” I agreed that they were, then there was a little pause before he said, “So does that mean one day I’ll be historic too?”

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2013 - Sermon Holy Cross

Holy Cross Sermon

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth — and the stars and the sea, and plants and animals, birds and fish, and human beings to care for the world and to be the friends of God their creator. But it was not long before the humans began to make a mess of things. They exploited the earth instead of caring for it. They exploited and killed one another. They refused to be friends of God, and to love and care for his world. They preferred hatred to love, exploitation to care.

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