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Advent 1 - 2015

Advent 1 - Sunday 30th November 2015

Well, Happy New Year!

Good – I’ve got your attention! And that’s important, because though this may not turn out to be the best sermon I’ve ever preached, I do think it’s one of the most important I’ve ever preached.

So if you thought you could write your Christmas to-do list in the next ten minutes, put you pens down and listen up!

Happy New Year!

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2015 Address to Annual P C Meeting

Canon Martin Onions charge to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting 17th April 2015

Luke 5. 1-11 was read

Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.’

Have you got a vocation? I ask, because there seems to be a widespread assumption that a 'vocation' is what clergy have, or monks or nuns - or perhaps, at a push, Readers and maybe even ministers of communion.

Sometimes we hear people talking about 'praying for vocations' and sometimes even 'preaching about vocations', when what they mean is trying to do something about the perceived need for more clergy or those called to the religious life. (Don't get me wrong we should be doing this too and we are looking forward to Tuesday 2nd May when Fr. Mitch will be ordained to the priesthood and Saturday 19th September when Sheila will be licensed as a Reader.) But, the truth is that each one of us is called by God; therefore each one of us has a vocation.

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2015 Passion Sunday

2015 Passion Sunday

Hebrews 10. 11-18

Many in the western world do their work sitting down. I was sitting down when writing this sermon - I am aware that from time to time I should get up and move around - that from time to time I should do some more strenuous exercise. - and then I would be fitter and healthier. So today, often when we stand up it is because our work is over and we can be off to do something else.

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