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Nature Notes - December 2017


Nature Notes

I almost missed the deadline this month so I am taking the opportunity to publicise my book instead which can be pre-ordered at: https://bloomsbury.com/uk/the-blue-tit-9781472937391/
About The Blue Tit
Sporting a mix of blue, yellow, white, green and black, the unmistakable Blue Tit echoes the hues of an Earth that is becoming increasingly populated. Blue Tits have adapted well to modern humanity, taking advantage of our propensity to feed birds and provide nest-boxes. In turn, this charismatic species provides an excellent model for research, and currently features in around 100 scientific papers annually. This new Poyser monograph is the result of a personal quest by author Martyn Stenning to bring these discoveries together in one accessible volume.

The text initially invites readers into the intimate life of breeding Blue Tits and describes how nature has shaped their destiny. Moving on to the diversification and classification of Blue Tit variation across their range, the story progresses into population structure, life-time ecology and mortality, culminating in an exploration of factors that determine breeding success. The book concludes with a genial selection of anecdotes, folklore and poetry.
Table of contents
Chapter One - Beginnings
Chapter Two - Taxonomy, distribution and variation
Chapter Three - Population structure, demography and mortality
Chapter Four - Determinants of Blue Tit breeding success
Chapter Five - Blue Tits in research; history, methods and applications
Chapter Six - Anecdotes, Folklore and Poetry
Due in the shops 22nd February 2018.

Dr.Martyn Stenning