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Our Church

February in the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2013

PASTORAL LETTER                             FEBRUARY 2013

Lent will soon be upon us. How are we to prepare for the joys of Easter, the greatest festival in the Church's year? The gospels tell us to repent, and this involves discipline.

The five paths of repentance are:-

1. Admit our own sin.
2. Put out of our minds any harm done to us by others - forgive them.
3. Pray from the heart.
4. Almsgiving which is powerful and far-reaching, and brings unexpected returns.

5. Living a modest, humble life.These are the ways to deepen our relationship with God as we make our way through Lent. We don’t give things up for Christ, we exchange them. We can get along without sin but not without his peace of conscience and so we exchange one for the other. As we go deeper into our relationship we can get along without this world's goods but not without the wealth of Christ's grace, and so we exchange one for the other. So we go on making exchanges, and in becoming poor we find ourselves to be rich in spiritual treasure.

We have a place in church where we like to sit when we come to worship. It is also good to have a special place set aside in our home as a meeting place with God. We may have a cross or crucifix on the wall to mark the spot and have our Bible or one or two books which help us to centre our thoughts. Just one thing that could improve our prayer time this Lent.Father help us to recognise all the benefits and blessings temporal and spiritual, which you have given us. Let us consider how paltry our efforts at virtue are in the light of these gifts.Lord Jesus bless our Lent
And when it is spent
May we love you more
than we did before.
Sister Cynthia Clare S.S.M.