Our Church

Our Church

March in the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2020

Dear All,

            At the time of writing, I have lost 10lbs on my sponsored slim (hooray!)

            Sadly that means 32lbs still to go (boo!)

            As you’re asking (you’re not? Well, I’ll tell you anyway) my diet is basically low carb & high protein: so out go roast potatoes & French bread & in come salads and chastely roasted chicken thighs. Also key (for me, at any rate) is exercise.

            On my watch , I am blessed (cursed?) with an Ap that tells me what activities I should do - namely it keeps daily track of my move goal (300 calories worth), exercise goal (30 minutes) and suggested steps (10 000). So far on my weight loss, I have achieved all of these every day, and feel this is a main reason I’m loosing.

            In practise, this frequently means quite a few ‘top up” stints on the treadmill in the gym. Initially I resented this, feeling it was a waste of time better used in other ways, but as time indeed has gone on, I’m starting to value the low key, repetitive tramping along which becomes almost a gentle form of meditation. It is a regular, routine discipline which I have settled into, and I’m chuffed I’m getting results.

            We are, as a community and as individuals, journeying more deeply into Lent, and I feel some of the same principles apply on the Lenten journey of our prayer lives.

            Discipline and routine(unpopular words in this day & age?!) are valuable tools in developing our spiritual lives. Joining in say, with a Lent Group, or taking a few minutes extra in our prayer times & sticking to it, really helps: and, as with my exercise, perseverance gets results: we can be spiritually fitter, growing our faith and walking more closely with God.

            As ever, as we look towards Holy Week and Passiontide, the more we take Lent seriously and invest our time and commitment, the more meaningful become the Resurrection and the joy of Eastertide.

            You could say of both the gym & of our Lenten journey - no pain , no gain!

                                               Happy Lent,                            Love Fr. John