Our Church

Our Church

December in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2019

Dear All,

Well, the Christmas maelstrom is almost upon us!  I did a tot up, in an idle few minutes, of what we’re doing this December.

Counting Carol Services, Children’s & Schools events, Community services, Memorial Services as well as three Midnights & three Christmas Days, we’ve got some twenty five Christmas events on the runway: and that doesn’t count Christmas parties, dinners, School Assemblies or the glorious Festival of Christmas Trees! All in all, a busy time for our Plurality. As one friend said to me, this is more than most Cathedrals do….  And in the middle of all this we have a General Election, as if we didn’t have enough going on. So: as well as all the Christmas advertising, (those siren voices telling us to spend, spend, spend to make our Christmases perfect) there’ll be Politicians hawking their wares too on our televisions and in our papers and magazines!

Mind you, I‘ve been aware Christmas has been bubbling away for at least four months: I saw the first advert for Christmas parties in a Hotel in early August. (To be fair, though, we did choose the music for the Advent & Nine Lessons Carol Services in early August too, over a glass of chilled wine in the Rectory Garden, so who am I to get huffy about getting Christmas sorted early?!) But in all this frantic (& to be honest, hugely exciting, enjoyable and rewarding) activity, it becomes even more important to remember why were doing all this.

Yes, for the children;  Yes, to celebrate family life;  Yes, to build up Community;

– but at the heart of all this is the commemoration of the birth of a child whose life is the pivotal point for all human history, a child who was God Incarnate, who crashed into this world two thousand years ago & who comes knocking on our hearts in the here and the now, today.

The Child of Bethlehem, Jesus the Nazarene, is as transformative of our lives now as he was for those Wise Men and shepherds wondering at that obscure manger in Bethlehem.

This Christmastime, in all the rushing and activity, let us give ourselves space just to “Be still and know”.  Kneel and Adore Him, the Lord is His Name!

When we get there, Have a Happy Christmas,

One and All,   Love, Fr. John