Our Church

Our Church

June in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2019

Dear All,

As I write, the first rose is out in my garden: it is an Ena Harkness, a deep red, highly scented hybrid tea rose.

I planted it last year and although it grew vigorously, disappointingly it didn’t flower. This year it is the first of the season & has upwards of thirty buds so promising a magnificent display. It shows that summer is truly on its way, that the cycle of the year is turning, that Winter having given way to Spring, is a distant memory and we are now looking towards the warmth (hopefully!!) of June, July and August.

We are in the middle of the cycle of the church’s year too: Eastertide will come to an end at Pentecost on the 9th June, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the first disciples in wind and fire, pouring the energy of God onto the new-born church.

As we see the world opening up in summer beauty and abundant life around us and as we think of the church empowered and growing, so we can as individuals respond in wonder and excitement to the world and to God, that we may grow in faith and in joyful response to the wonder of creation with which he has blessed us.

And remember: 22nd June is Midsummer’s Day, when the evenings will start to draw in & Autumn will be waiting in the wings.

Give thanks for the beauty of the present: give thanks for the wonder of God’s presence in the circling years of our lives, and trust in Him to lead us ever onwards.

Love Fr. John