Our Church

Our Church

November in The Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2017

Dear All,

A few nights ago I saw the new Bladerunner 2049 in the Uckfield Picture House.

I don’t get out much these days so I was terribly excited! I remember seeing the original “Bladerunner” back in the 1980’s  and was terribly moved by it: and this sequel, some 35 years later is worthy of it – dark, brooding and melancholy with amazing visuals of a ruined apocalyptic world.

It’s also a meditation on what it means to be real, and human. In it we encounter sentient holograms who can love and feel, and artificial people, replicants, who – through their choices and self sacrifice – are more humane than the humans around them. For Christians what ultimately  is “real” isn’t the world around us or even the situations we find ourselves in. For us, the ultimate reality is God, the creator of it all who holds it all in being, and the measure of what it is to be human is to be found in the person of Jesus, God self-sacrificially made flesh.

However unstable or scary or meaningless things around us seem, however full of uncertainty and challenges our own individual lives or the wider world (President Trump & North Korea come to mind!) feel, our ultimate security and sense of meaning are rooted in God’s love and His care for us. As the nights get longer and the crisp nip of autumn turns into the chill of winter, it is important to hold on to the image of our loving God, preparing to come into the world as a light in the darkness.

As the ancient and much loved prayer for Compline, the last Office of the day, puts it:

“Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the silent hours of this night, so that we,

who are wearied by the changes and chances of this fleeting world, may repose upon thy eternal changelessness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Love, Fr. John, Rector