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July In The Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2017

Pastoral Letter July 2017

Dear All,

The scene is at an assembly in a local school: Fr. John is dressed as a Pharaoh.....

Fr. John: Do you like making cool stuff?

Kids: Yes!

Fr. John: Do you like games?

Kids: Yes!

Fr. John: Do you like stories?

Kids: Yes! (with a scattering of “no”s)

Fr. John: Do you like singing and dancing?

Kids: Yes! (again, with a scattering of “no”s)

Fr. John: Do you love running around and screaming a lot?

Kids: Yes!!!! (no “no’s” at all...)

Fr. John: Then come and join in with our Holiday Club “Pyramid Rock! IT’LL BE BRILLIANT!!!

            This will my sales pitch for our children’s Holiday Club “Pyramid Rock” at our local schools. I will be trying to encourage the kids to come along from Monday 24th – Friday 28thJuly, 10.00am – 12.00 noon to Holy Cross Church for games, stories, craftwork and general mayhem with a Christian flavour and message based on the Old Testament story of Joseph. We’ll be decorating the Church with palm trees & Pyramids & will have a Holiday Club Service on Sunday 28th July so you can all see the sort of thing we’ve been doing.

            This will be the first Holiday club we’ve done here for ages (I think Fr. Stephen Date did one some years ago: Fr. Stephen was one of my curates in Moulsecoomb where he got the idea from – it’s amazing how things come round!!) It’s a bit of a leap into the unknown, but building on the foundations of the Crib Service & the Easter Messy Church we did on Holy Saturday, I think it will be exciting and fun & an important part of our outreach work with children and their families.

            Help is still gratefully received, not just directly with the children but also with preparations, registration, refreshments etc!!!

If you know of any kids (Primary School age) who’d be interested in coming, tell them about it: but most importantly, keep the “Pyramid Rock” Team and the club in your prayers now and during the run......we’ll need them!


                      Fr. John

  On 23rdJuly @ 10.00am it will be Fr. Mitch’s farewell service in the Plurality when he leaves us to go to Heathfield. Lots more will be said, but I just want to say how hugely grateful I am to him personally for his support, encouragement, humour, sense & friendship over the 9 months I have been here. I will miss him enormously.