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Our Church

June in The Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2017

Pastoral Letter June 2017

Dear All,

One of the most memorable services I’ve ever been involved with was by the Sea of Galilee when I first went to the holy Land. There was just a little group of us sitting on the seashore, gathered around a rough stone altar and listening to the story of the risen Jesus cooking breakfast for his friends, while the waves lapped at the sandy beach, the sun shone warmly on our backs and birds flew overhead.

 In every Eucharist Jesus comes to us, offering himself in the form of bread and wine. “Do this in remembrance of me,” he said, and so we have for over 2000 years, offering up bread and wine so that they might become his body and blood, that God’s people can be fed, sustained and remade in his image. We are most truly God’s family when we meet together to receive Jesus’ body and blood: it is the church’s breathing in and breathing out, at the heart of our life together as God’s Holy people.

 Maundy Thursday is the great yearly celebration of the Institution of the Lord’s Supper, as it is called, but every year in the summer at Corpus Christi (Latin for “the Body of Christ”) we thank God for Communion and for this way that Jesus comes into our lives afresh every time. Because we celebrate the Eucharist so often we can very easily take it for granted- familiarity breeding not so much contempt, as unaware thoughtlessness: Corpus Christi is a time to remember this eternal gift of God and to celebrate it.

We will be celebrating Corpus Christi on the Sunday 18th June: giving thanks for Jesus’ love for us and his continued presence in the bread and wine as we grow to be more like Him, journeying on our lifetime’s pilgrimage                               

Fr. John