Our Church

Our Church

May in The Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2017

Dear All,

            Holy Week this year was hugely moving and effective: from Tinsel the donkey on Palm Sunday to the enactment of the Passion on Good Friday, from the Agape on Holy Wednesday to the Messy Church session on Holy Saturday, we experienced the Passion of Jesus in different ways, for different ages, but all joining in on the journey of Easter Faith.  It was especially lovely to see so many in church on Easter Day itself: we had fun with party poppers, Easter eggs and Easter bonnets & we let off sixteen silver, gold and red helium filled balloons halfway through the service to represent the surprise of Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead. As I write, apart from one which has given up the ghost, they’re still up there in the roof vault! “How are you going to get them down?” I’ve been asked a number of times, (air rifles have been mentioned more than once…) but the answer is – I don’t want to! I’m hoping they will stay up in the roof for Eastertide which (like Lent) goes on for forty days – hence, even though it’s now May, I’m still saying “Happy Easter!”

            Jesus’ Resurrection happened only once, two thousand years ago: it’s part of what some theologians call “the Christ Event”, which means the whole story of the birth, life, death and rising again of the Nazarene Jesus bar-Joseph, and the impact it all had on the world. It is this cycle of events which we celebrate throughout the church’s year through Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter and all the feasts and festivals. All these things happened only once,

“Once, only once and once for all
His precious life he gave”,

but they have an eternal significance which resonates in the here and now and for all eternity

            Easter is not just a one-off event we commemorate once a year- it’s a state of being, a way of life, a journey to undertake. That’s why I hope the balloons stay up as long as possible; to remind us that Easter is not just for Eastertide, but forever!

Happy Easter!


Fr. John