Our Church

Our Church

December in The Year of Our Lord 2016

Dear All,

 Goodness, Advent already!

This is actually my favourite time of the year – I love the growing sense of expectation, of excitement of wonder. I am really enjoying seeing all the Christmas lights going up, the shops in Uckfield being decorated and the Christmas trees being displayed. I enjoy the activities in schools with carol singing and Nativity plays. I love the bustle of it all, the parties, the thinking out of presents for people; but above all I relish the feeling that something wonderful is going to happen.

Now I’m aware in all this that expectation can tip easily over into desperation, that commercialism is in overdrive (I saw the first advert for Christmas shopping in mid September, which could be a record!) and that for many, it is a vulnerable and lonely time. In all the rushing and preparation, we must not loose sight of the reason for it all, the coming to us of a child who changed the face of the world for ever, a child born and left out in the cold in an outhouse because people were too busy rushing round being counted for the Emperor’s census.

At Holy Cross we’ve  got all the traditional fun things – Christingle, Crib service, Carols by candlelight, carol singing, Midnight Mass not to mention the fabulous Festival of Christmas Trees (look at the Service list inside!): do come, join in and enjoy them - but in all the activity and fun, we must remember to prepare a manger in our own hearts, a space at the centre of our being where Jesus can come and nestle in our soul’s arms.

Happy Christmas, when it finally comes!

Love, Fr. John

(p.s.  A suggestion – this year when you write your Christmas cards out, why not turn it all into a prayer: give it a little extra time and as you write a card and put it in an envelope, say a little prayer for that person. When the last one’s done, all your friends and acquaintances will have been lifted into God’s presence – and so will you!!!)