Our Church

Our Church

Foreword by Reverend John Wall

Dear All

            We are fast approaching one of my favourite seasons of the year, Michaelmas. The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels is on 29th September, and Michaelmastide lasts for the week following. (I am so excited to have a St. Michael’s in the Plurality!)  In the past, it has been one of the Church’s seasons for ordinations, and what could be more appropriate, men and women being priested during the celebration of the Messengers of God. Angels are in vogue at the moment. In New Age spirituality, there is a huge popular love of angels (remember Robbie Williams, first big hit “Angels”?) and a yearning for their beauty, transcendence and comfort, which says something about the spiritual journey many people are on.

But we got there first: in the Old Testament, angels (such as the one who wrestled with Jacob and the three who ate with Abraham) are manifestations of the closeness of God, of his action and presence in the world. In the New Testament, they are literally messengers (the word “angelos” in Greek means “messenger”), bringing news of the coming Incarnation of Christ to Mary at Gabriel’s Annunciation and the Heavenly Host’s proclamation to the shepherds.

            But what do they mean to us? As September gives way to October, as we reluctantly let Summer go and look towards the fruitfulness of Autumn, they remind us that God is close to each and every one of us, in the people we encounter, in the changing weather and landscape around us, in the daily routine of our lives, if we have eyes to see and ears attentive to the intimations of His presence. Let us be open to His promptings, and who knows, maybe we will entertain angels unawares!

Love,  Fr. John