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Our Church

Letter from Reverend John Wall

Dear All,

I'm so looking forward to coming to Uckfield!

I finished my Sabbatical at the end of July: It was hugely rewarding but already seems a long time ago! I spent three weeks in Rome then two months in Venice studying Art (and eating a lot of pasta and seafood not to mention drinking a lot of Italian wine!)

I'm now sorting out the Rectory & trying to have a major throw out. I only had ten days between finishing my last post in Newbury and starting in Brighton so brought all my junk with me, so after eleven years in Moulsecoomb I have getting on for twenty years of accreted stuff to clear. The garage alone took thirteen trips to the dump…..

But it means finding things again, from a lost coin of Constantine the Great to the Eulogy and cards of sympathy for my Father’s funeral; from a swimming badge I won at the age of ten to my Letters of Orders when I was made a Deacon in 1989. All these things help me see the way my life has developed, helping me see the shape it has had over the last five decades. Nuns at the Convent where my mother went to school said that life was like a hand woven carpet: generally this side of the grave we only see the back of it, the messy bit with all the loose threads and the confusion: in heaven we see the carpet turned over & the pattern God weaves through it is revealed. Sorting through all this accumulated stuff I have a sense of the pattern in my life, of the journey and pilgrimage it has been, from a small boy in a Sussex Village, to University in York; from testing my Vocation in St. Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham to training at St Stephen’s House in Oxford; from a Curacy in Crawley, and posts in Brighton, Newbury and now Moulsecoomb which I've loved.

And now I'm starting the next stage of my journey in Uckfield, where we will be on pilgrimage together, walking as a community in the steps of Christ.

So looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Love and prayers,

Fr John