Our Church

Our Church

Mother's Union

Our programme has included many aspects of the worldwide work and aims of Mothers’ Union. The link with Mothers’ Union members in Burundi has been strengthened over the past few years.   We also learn of the work of Mothers’ Union in other areas of the third world. Our programme includes aspects of the work of Mothers’ Union within our own diocese.

Our branch endeavours to raise funds for the ongoing work of Mothers’ Union with donations given to the parenting fund, literacy fund, world wide fund and Mothers’ Union relief fund. 

All our branch members reach out to support not only the aims and work of Mothers’ Union but are committed and involved in many aspects of the life and work of our Church.

The underpinning of all our work and witness is prayer and this is exemplified with our time of worship before each meeting and our gathering together for Mothers’ Union monthly corporate Communion. This vital interweave of faith and work sustains the relevance of Mothers Union within our Church and wider society.