2017 Harvest Festival

Finished To Perfection

Holy Cross Church celebrated the 2017 Harvest in a truly fantastic Great British Bake Off style. Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue were all represented as a Locally Sourced Produce Team competed against a Fairtrade Team in a Bake Off with a difference. At the final stage, did reduced carbon footprint from fewer miles travelled by the Locally Sourced Produce Team outperform the Fairtrade financial benefits received by small scale farmers in the Developing World? Nothing separated either team at the final tasting stage as their cakes had been “baked and finished to perfection” – not even a ‘soggy bottom’ could be detected. However, someone did finish with egg on his face, but certainly the “yoke” was not on him.
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Mel aka The Rector Preparation by the teams The Judging by Mary Sue and Mel - someone
has been cracking yokes
Baked to perfection
no soggy bottoms
All photographs by Ron Hill Photographics